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This link will only appear in judgments which have been referred in other judgments. A roster system for each category of posts should be adopted by the concerned authorities in the same manner as presently done in respect of scheduled caste and scheduled tribe candidates.

Supreme Court conclusions from Ashoka Kumar Thakur vs. One can click on the number appearing on the Bar to view Acts appearing in that year. Judicial Review of Administrative Action; 2. This saves your research time further, as you no longer have to search for various judgments in which your case has been referred.

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Over and above this, we introduce norms and conventions from International Conventions and Agreements, and concepts from other jurisdictions, giving the impression that we are subjecting our state authorities to external precepts.

Nothing in this article shall prevent Parliament from making any law prescribing, in regard to a class or classes of employment or appointment to an office under the Government of or any local or other authority within, a State or Union Territory, any requirement as to residence within that State or Union Territory prior to such employment or appointment.

No honour for BJP government in distorting SC’s order on quota in promotions

This was done to ensure that the promotions that had been affected in the past remained unaffected by the order of the Supreme Court in the Nagraj case. There is usually considerable scope for interpretation, and thus scope for judicial activism, in enforcing these rights.

Indra Sawhney & Others Vs.Union of India

Complaints against judges can be made on grounds of non-compliance with these standards or certain activities such as corruption, willful abuse of power or persistent failure to perform duties. The perfume is aimed at the majority of marketing categories, as it is an affordable yet long-lasting product, and can be recognised as a success in the advertisement industry.

So far as determination of backward classes is concerned, a Notification should be issued by the Union of India. Boyfriends and husbands may buy the perfume for their partners because they find it appealing, as well as wanting to surprise their girlfriend, wife etc with a present.

All of these four functions lead the courts into areas of government where Ministers and Legislators would prefer that they did not pry. Ramaswamy sitting judge of the Supreme Court, in which he was not impeached as members of the house abstained from voting.

Bringing order to the Central list of OBCs by removing any repetitions. The commission popularly known as the Mandal Commission, its chairman being B.

On the left side, the case which has been Cited by the subject case maximum no of times appears on the top. You can see multiple search graphs by selecting more than one checkbox from the left search history frame.

Suraj Bhan Meena Vs. The icons for Print, Email, Save appears on the top right corner of the Judgments. Reservation of vacancies in all government services and local bodies for other backward classes.

On January 1, the JANATA Government headed by the Prime Minister Sri MORARJI DESAI appointed the second Backward Classes (By a Presidential Order under Article of the Constitution of India, the first Backward Class Commission known as KAKA KALLELKAR's Commission was set up on January 29, and it submitted its report on March LensOnNews, the best online source for news, analysis and opinion on India; also features the best commentary on business, economy and world affairs.

In Indra Sawhney Sawant, J. pointed out (para of SCC) that while Article 16(4) is an enabling provision, Article is in mandatory language.

Court Cases Related to Reservation in India

Further though there is no specific provision in regard to backward classes, the same principle underlying Article is applicable to backward classes. (Indra Sawhney refers to the Supreme Court ruling on Indra Sawhney & Others vs Union of India which, among other directions, ordered exclusion of the creamy layer of OBCs from reservation benefits.).

Jun 06,  · The Statement of Objects and Reasons of the 77th Amendment Act noted that quotas in promotions for SCs and STs had been discontinued after the November 16, judgment in Indra Sawhney and Others vs Union of India and Others (Mandal case), in which the Supreme Court observed that reservation under Article 16(4) — which allows the state to Author: Ananthakrishnan G.

The draft law, on the other hand, would allow the permanent residents to acquire free state education, healthcare and right to own property.

Responding to the government’s complaint that promotions were at a “standstill” because of verdicts by the High Courts of Delhi, Bombay, and Punjab & Haryana, the Supreme Court said Tuesday the .

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