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Case Reports in Obstetrics and Gynecology

Data extraction The first reviewer L. Consider how they are used in context and with what connotations. By choosing to include sources in your literature review, you imply that you have already judged them to offer something that is worth consideration. Thus, your tone and style should emphasize that you are interested in furthering understanding rather than establishing that you are right or winning an argument.

Clinicians who specialize in this area generally consider a provoked urine metal output more than 2 standard deviations above the NHANES reference range a positive result.

Reduction of symptoms closely paralleled urine mercury output, which tapered over time. This research question will drive your research from this point forward as you build towards the Final Research Article, in which you present an argument that attempts to answer your own research question.

Have you looked at a variety of sources before determining this is one you will use. Quote other authors sparingly and with purpose: Does the language or tone seem unbiased and free of emotion. Browse by therapeutic approach, counseling method, presenting condition, therapist, or subject and search videos by keyword.

This section is your discussion and evaluation of the articles from your summary section and not your discussion of the issues themselves. There is, after all, no point in reinventing the wheel, i.

View at Google Scholar S. Some authors, like Dr. What aspects or approaches seem relatively unexplored. But sometimes I am so busy that I simply go from the Conceptual Synthesis Excel Dump to writing the literature review. View at Google Scholar T. Merry University of LouisvilleDr.

Through the process of reviewing existing knowledge you will also develop a more nuanced understanding of your topic, the second reason for conducting a literature review.

Modern Language Association MLA style is mostly within the humanities and the liberal arts and is currently in its 8th edition. Proposed Research Question and Significance include section heading: Remember that you will continue learning about your research topic throughout the quarter, and you will revise this essay to include as a section in your Final Research Article.

The increasing pressures to improve academic scores often lead to additional instructional time for subjects such as mathematics and language at the cost of time for being physically active. Certain journals are accused of not carrying out stringent peer review in order to more easily expand their customer base, particularly in journals where authors pay a fee before publication.

Student Sample Literature Review The Literature Review consists of an introduction, summary of scholarly sources, a discussion and evaluation of the sources including disputes and disagreementsand a conclusion in which you put forth your own potential original research questions that will contribute something new to the available understanding on the topic.

The following tips and advice will help you with all aspects of your literature review writing. Are there significant problems or limitations with any of the research studies. Write the literature review as though you were answering questions about each subheading.

First draft to be copied and pasted into a forum window; final draft to be submitted as an uploaded file on Canvas. Is there a significant history of mercury exposure: How would our understanding be improved by pursuing those questions or angles.

Can you verify any of the information in another source or from personal knowledge. The literature review should detail what was not addressed in previous studies and should answer the question of why you are undertaking your study.

If so, then provocation with a chelator may be indicated. Is the information supported by evidence. Furthermore, Trudeau and Shephard report that cross-sectional studies generally indicate a positive association between physical activity and academic achievement.

I tweeted a few of the steps I undertake, but I figured the easiest way to do this was to actually write a full blog post with the protocol I follow. Failing to follow its style can result in your work being either rejected outright or being returned to you for significant revisions.

For unknown reasons, patients with GST polymorphisms tend to excrete mercury later in their course of treatment than other heavy metals [ ]; this can sometimes produce early false negatives for mercury, due to preferential excretion of lead and other metals.

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Is there contact information, such as a publisher or e-mail address. Note and look up commonly used terms as you run across them in your reading.

Popular Literature vs. Scholarly Peer-Reviewed Literature: What's the Difference?

So for example, if I were doing this literature review as a product itself, I probably would use a list of topics and headings like this: There were no significant complications in any of the trials.

What is a NOT a Literature Review? A literature review is not simply a chronological catalog of all your sources, but an evaluation.

It pulls the previous research together, and explains how it connects to the research proposed by the current paper. These changes necessitate authors of review articles to be familiar with current standards in the publication process.

Methods Narrative overview of the literature synthesizing the findings of literature retrieved from searches of computerized databases, hand searches, and authoritative texts.

Objective To describe the prospective relationship between physical activity and academic performance. Data Sources Prospective studies were identified from searches in PubMed, PsycINFO, Cochrane Central, and Sportdiscus from through Study Selection We screened the titles and abstracts for eligibility, rated the methodological quality of the studies, and extracted data.

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Literature review articles journals
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