Jamba juice executive summary

The main difference between Jamba Juice and Satrbucks is the smoothies. Medical and dental insurance programs are available and will become effective on the first of the month after one month of employment.

Would they view Jamba and its smoothies as the next Starbucks. The report examined for main factors including; ecological, social, economical and political. The jungle gym provides an area for you to use chin ups and you should use canned goods or sacks filled with heavy products to practice weight training.

Jamba Juice offers healthy drinks as its main product. Starbucks has 3 flavors, only one size, and nothing extra added. The strong financial performance has placed the organization in an excellent liquidity position thus enhancing the organization ability to meet its short term financial needs.

In this specific company, new employees receive an hourly wage until they have acquired the skills required to meet performance standards.

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However this truly close to being satisfactory. Full page, Full Color, 6x The strong brand has not enabled to the organization to increase its market shares, but has also enabled the organization to increase revenues by attracting a large number of franchisee.

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With companies like Starbucks beginning to introduce smoothie and juice beverages, Jamba Juice and others are adding them to their growing list of competitors.

Gradually, the store built up a loyal base of customers, many of whom visited several times a week to buy the store's unique menu of smoothies, which were given such exotic names as Pacific Passion, Boysenberry Bliss, and Protein Berry Pizazz.

Unlike most fast food restaurant, Jamba has focused on providing foods that promote the health and wellbeing of customers.

Jamba Juice CEO to Step Down

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By chance, Kagle had come upon the recently opened Juice Club in Palo Alto while on his way to lunch, attracted by the long line that stretched outside the store. The media and promotions will strictly shown toWest Coast generate theadvertised.

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Opportunities Due to the growing amount of health conscious people, Jamba Juice has a huge opportunity to get in the heads of these consumers. The word "jamba" means "to celebrate" in Swahili, and in turn Jamba Juice celebrated a healthy lifestyle.

The brightly colored decor of the new stores and the smoothie names contributed to the effort to brand the Jamba Juice sensibility.

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Executive Summary Jamba Juice is a leading high-end smoothie and health food eating establishment that strives to provide healthy and natural food products.

Jamba Juice’s mission is to be recognized as a fun and healthy alternative for people on-the-go, creating a unique dining experience for each customer/5(8). EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1. II Dunkin Donuts Releases New Fruit Smoothie II Smoothie King Introduces New Summer Hydration Smoothies II Jamba Juice.

Waste Characterization Executive Summary Landfilling recoverable wastes, such as packaging and food, costs the foodservice industry millions of dollars each year and releases potent greenhouse gases. Trading, Good Feet, Safeway, Jamba Juice, Starbucks, GNC, and Mike’s Camera that occupy approximately linear feet of commercial frontage within feet of the project site, Executive Summary CASE NO.


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Founded in April of by Cal Poly graduate Kirk Perron, Juice Club, Inc. opened its first store in San Luis Obispo, California. InJuice Club opened and started two other stores, one in southern California and one in northern California.

Jamba juice executive summary
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