Is steve jobs health a private matter

On Friday, TMZ published a photo of a gaunt Jobs in a parking lot, presumably outside some medical treatment facility. Jobs is no longer chief executive. Apple has chosen different strategies over the course of the past six months in handling those rumors.

Steve Jobs' health is a private matter

In a January Still, he spoke with zeal and energy. But if he were to announce an illness tomorrow that would see him leave the company in the near-term, the stock price would plummet and he would leave Apple amid financial turmoil. Jobs is no longer chief executive.

I say no, particularly how private he keeps his personal life and how is public appearances typically, but not exclusively, have been Apple related.

Steve Jobs is the face of Apple, the leader of the juggernaut, and the visionary behind every single product it offers. On Monday, the company issued a statement that Jobs was suffering from a hormone imbalance that was "robbing" proteins from his body.

As leader of a public company, Jobs has no inherent right to privacy where his ability to act as CEO is concerned. Apple is a public company, majorly owned by shareholders -- not Jobs, the company's board or any other executive or employee. The president of the United States gets a yearly checkup and discloses the state of his health maybe someday "her", depending who wins some future election.

Still, if anything happens to Jobs and Apple seems seems ill-prepared, questions will be raised regarding whether the board is doing its job.

I took lots of flack from the Apple Fanclub regarding my previous "health is a public matter" position. And these folks deserve to be given enough respect and information that they can make their own decisions about whether Steve really is likely to return in six months -- and, if not, what the company's ongoing management structure will look like.

And clearly, this famously reticent company must now tread carefully. Jobs said he expected to regain much of the weight he lost by late spring: The Securities and Exchange Commission doesn't explicitly require disclosure of executives' health-related issues, but it does encourage companies to disclose succession plans.

Other CEOs have chosen transparency.

Steve Jobs' health is a private matter

But I am an editor and long-time journalist. What more do you need to know, stockholders. I didn't expect to return to this topic again, and surely Macheads will beat me aside the head with snide and accusing comments or rebuttal blog posts.

Hope expresses desire to resume duties, not expression of confidence that will be the outcome.

If Jobs' health is no longer a private matter, now what?

It has had to walk a fine line between the privacy concerns of its indomitable founder and the damage caused by those trafficking in The Steve Jobs Deathwatch. However, as a high profile CEO who is widely considered to be irreplaceable, Mr.

Rumors involving Jobs' health are an easy weapon for those types of speculators, given his importance to Apple and clear evidence of weight loss this year.

However, as a high profile CEO who is widely considered to be irreplaceable, Mr. That is, until Apple announced in mid-December that Jobs would not be giving the Macworld keynote. CEOs work for shareholders, not boards of directors.

Steve Jobs' health is not a private matter

To Repeat, and Again I wish Jobs a speedy recovery. During this entire time, he kept control of his company, whether it was away from the offices or physically at work. Now may be the time to make that plan known, Lorsch said. Enough is enough, Apple. Case Disclosure of Steve Jobs’ Health as Apple CEO: A Public or Private Matter?

An important issue within the scope of corporate governance is whether a company should disclose the health problems of its CEO and how much information should be disclosed. Jul 22,  · Is Steve Jobs' Health A Private Matter? Rich Karlgaard Forbes Staff Digital Rules Contributor Group Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own.

After insisting for months that Jobs' health was a private matter, Apple changed its tack in the face of widespread speculation regarding its CEO's weight loss.

On Monday, the company issued a. CEO Health Disclosure at Apple a Public or Private Matter? janettravellmd.comaj Tambade, SBS Erandwane, Pune. Steve’s health is a private matter, i.

In JanuaryApple released another letter from Jobs in which he of the matter is that the precise nature of Steve Jobs’ illness is a matter for Steve and his family. believed that Steve.

Discussion Case: Is Steve Jobs Health a Private Matter?

By Joe Wilcox, BetanewsSadly, I must reaffirm my position stated during Apple CEO Steve Jobs' last medical leave, in January His health situation isn't a. Apple insists that Steve Jobs’ health is a “private matter.” But it’s also a matter of public record.

But it’s also a matter of public record. Jobs has publicly discussed his bout with cancer, both in a memo to his staff and — quite movingly — in a commencement speech to .

Is steve jobs health a private matter
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Are a CEO’s health problems a private matter?