Comparative study on job satisfaction of

The first limitation of this study relates to its cross-sectors spectrum. This measure scale is licensed by Spector for noncommercial academic research and is tested for reliability and validity.

The insignificant differences in job satisfaction found between male and female staff are fully supported by Smith and Plant ,[ 13 ] De Vaus and McAllister ,[ 14 ] and Al-Eisa et al. The importance of such strong correlations should not be underestimated.

Organizational commitment

A study conducted by Dirani and Kuchinke produced results indicating a strong correlation between job commitment and job satisfaction and that satisfaction was a reliable predictor of commitment.

Table 6 Comparative job satisfaction score for career development and human resource issues among regular and contract staff in PUHCs Open in a separate window There were significant differences relating to HR issues such as family and work life with the regular and contract staff.

Results showed a moderate correlation between participants perceiving a calling and job commitment and a weak correlation between perceiving a calling and job satisfaction.

In running the factor analysis, the minimum factor loading was set at 0. International Review of Applied Psychology, 35, A good job satisfaction scale, developed for the specific needs of the organisation if necessary, must be included as a measure of the effects of the changes made to work practices.

Good deal, bad deal. In common with other statistical methods, the results obtained from a meta-analysis are subject to various potential sources of bias.

A modest decrease in job satisfaction levels is therefore associated with an increase in the risk of employee burnout sufficiently large to be of considerable clinical importance.

Also, their productivity was evaluated as moderate. This is similarly true in the regression of job rank on job satisfaction.

This means the level of education had no bearing on job satisfaction in the present study. Organizational commitment, job satisfaction, and turnover among psychiatric technicians. The largest combined statistical correlations found were between job satisfaction and measures of mental health; smaller relationships were detected for measures of physical health.

Job satisfaction in occupations. The surprising result was that productivity actually decreased. Secondary observer effect[ edit ] Despite the observer effect as popularized in the Hawthorne experiments being perhaps falsely identified see above discussionthe popularity and plausibility of the observer effect in theory has led researchers to postulate that this effect could take place at a second level.

Working Together for Health. Occupational health clinicians should also consider counselling employees diagnosed as having a stress related health problem to critically evaluate their work and to explore ways of gaining greater satisfaction from this important and time consuming aspect of their life.

With its developed education, advertising, banking and the services sectors, Lebanon is behind in industry, and in agriculture. Job satisfaction of health care staff employed at health centres in Turkey. Targeting services and programmes based on need Well-being measures are useful tools to identify what kind of support is needed in different vulnerable neighbourhoods.

Building and motivating the workforce. This measuring began in secret two weeks before moving the women to an experiment room and continued throughout the study. Finally, the results reveal that age explains to a very weak limit, the job satisfaction variation among female respondents but the relationship is not significant for males.

In the experiment room they had a supervisor who discussed changes with their productivity.

Hawthorne effect

The study found that there was a strong relationship between organizational commitment and the cohesion of the leadership team and the amount of leadership support. The findings strongly suggest that the mode of employment of the employee and the nature of the organization itself contribute substantially to the organization's culture and performance.

Work, Employment and Society, 17 3For the accuracy of the results, the data was collected through random sampling of employees from different economic sectors. It becomes clear that affective commitment equals an attitude toward a target, while continuance and normative commitment are representing different concepts referring to anticipated behavioral outcomes, specifically staying or leaving.

Meyer and Allen created this model for two reasons: Personnel Review, 28 3This observation backs up their conclusion that organizational commitment is perceived by TCM as combining different target attitudes and behavioral attitudes, which they believe to be both confusing and logically incorrect.

Teachers have earned the trust of parents and the wider society by their demonstrated capacity to use professional discretion and judgment in the way they manage their classrooms and respond to the challenge of helping virtually all students become successful learners. They include work itself, job status, job autonomy, social valuation, tenure, work-life balance, organizational commitment and emotional exhaustion Robbins and Judge, A study done by Ahmad et al.

Job satisfaction is a pleasant emotional state associated with the appreciation of one's work and contributes immensely to performance in an organization. The purpose of this study was to assess the comparative job satisfaction among regular and staff on contract in Government Primary Urban Health Centers in Delhi, India.

The purpose of this study is to measure and compare job satisfaction of government and private hospital employees. The sample of this study includes 90 employees, 40 from government and 50 5/5(2).

A Comparative Study of Job Satisfaction in Private and Public Sector Pankaj Arora1,Shevya Rawal2, Dolly Sethi3 Job satisfaction is simply defined as doing a job one enjoys, Data collected for this study is primary through questionnaire and secondary data is collected from various sites.

8 Muhammad Ehsan Malik. et al.: The Impact of Pay and Promotion on Job Satisfaction: Evidence from Higher Education Institutes of Pakistan. CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY AND EMPLOYEE VOLUNTEERISM: WHAT DO THE ‘BEST’ COMPANIES DO?

Cynthia S. Cycyota, Ph.D. *. Life satisfaction. Life satisfaction measures how people evaluate their life as a whole rather than their current feelings. When asked to rate their general satisfaction with life on a scale from 0 to 10, people on average across the OECD gave it a Life satisfaction is not evenly shared across the OECD however.

Comparative study on job satisfaction of
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